By Yolauniverse palm


What have you become Beloved?
The mind of humanity has drawn 
many pictures of you.
Here you are almighty,
there you are many
some adorn you with blame
while others hide in your glory.
Which mask do you prefer Beloved?
Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism 
Which face suits you best?
Jainism, muslim, pagan.
Which body gives you strength?
wind, earth, fire and water.
Oh where do you reside dear God?
I have travelled many lands
with a grain of sand in my pocket.
This speck of hope holds the secret of creation I am told. 
Then they laugh. They laugh very hard.
“A grain of sand in her pocket!” they shout.
A nervous shockwave fills the soul of humanity –
could it really be that simple?
Alas no. 
Beloved we have complicated you so.
Trying to make you in our image,
our thirst for you has poisoned the waters
with blood, greed, vengeance, pride and lust.
So many have fallen and risen in your name.
When will this insanity end?
It ends now.
God. The one with no face,
no idiom, no personalized fancies.
The one who’s rightful place belongs 
in humanity’s dream of Truth.
Dear God; be who you are. 


  By Yola, Hymns to the Beloved




The sun comes in
and warms my face.
It reminds me of us
lost in an embrace
so tender and strong.

The world turns
and I am untouched
by the distraction
that separates me
from you.

Warm rays reach my heart now.
I still find myself in fullness
the ecstatic freedom found
in love’s surrender.
I am made soft by your love.

Photo by Glitterchirag